Elbow injury--slight tricep tendonitis w/ negative MRI

My son developed pain in his tricep after a full fall season on throwing. We thought it was overuse and shut him down for a month before seeking advice from a orthopedic sports medicine physician. We had an MRI in mid March which basically was negative for any tears or scarring. He was prescribed 3 weeks of therapy to get him ready for the season, which seemed to help his arm. He is now back throwing and the pain has returned with a reduction in velocity from the past season. He was throwing 88 mph and a D1 prospect. Actually he has a D1 offer and has verbally committed, however this HS season he is really struggling getting back to where he was. Any suggestions as to what the problem could be? We have obviously sought medical help already. Anyone with similar circumstances with reduced velocity? My son is very disappointed with the early season and has only thrown 2 innings. He is feeling like his arm won’t rebound.

This post really belongs in the “Pitching Injuries and Prevention” section. I for one don’t see that there’s anything mental or psychological in the kid’s arm problem. I would suggest that you get in touch with ASMI—the sports medicine institute—and have him get a really thorough medical evaluation, because there may be something that the MRIs and stuff haven’t picked up. If the kid is really concerned that his arm isn’t rebounding, there may be something seriously wrong that has to be looked at. :idea: