Elbow injury diagnosis

My son is 15. He had been having elbow pain for the last 5 yrs. Took him to several orthopedic surgeons and they all say it is pitcher’s arm. Last week we finally found a great sports medicine doctor and finally got a diagnosis. It is as follows:

Calcification UCL Sprain
Loose bodies/Loss extension
Tight posterior capsule shoulder

They have recommended surgery for loose bodies and then P/T. What I was wondering has anybody had this and what is the recover time?

I can’t speak to this injury but I saw your post on ASMI and I will say you need to take some of the replies over there with a grain of salt. I won’t name names but one of those who replied comes across as if he is a medical professional which, to the best of my knowledge, he is not.

I have had experience with the Tight posterior capsule shoulder which is also known as GIRD (Gross Internal Rotational Deficit)

That usually stems from bad posture + pitching which leads to a torn/frayed rotator cuff.

I got my MRI and a full PT schedule, the whole process of getting back was October to December but even now i’m not 100% yet.