Elbow Injuries

Ok, so since I was 13 I have had elbow problems ever since I learned how to throw a curveball and now that problem is really starting to come back to me. I am 16 now.

I did not pitch from the end of the summer in 2007 to present day because of the problem. My arm felt really good this year and I thought maybe I could pitch again but the problem is starting to nag at me again. Especially when I am throwing long toss.

When I tell most people that I am sore or my elbow hurts they always assume its the bottom of my elbow or the muscle above the elbow going towards the shoulder. However my pain has always been in the upside of my elbow.

I am going to admit that even though I have had this problem I have never gone to see a doctor… I know its probably a very bad choice but I have personal reasons of why not to see a doctor about it.

Is this something that I should be more worried about then I currently am? It only bothers me when I am throwing and about 5-10 minutes after I have thrown.

Any comments or suggestions are appreciated. :?

You’re right on two counts. One, it’s a very bad choice. Two, you should be more worried about the elbow than you are. I don’t know why you are so reluctant to get medical advice, but in doing this all you’re doing is sticking your head in the sand and hoping the problem will go away. It won’t, believe me—would you ignore any such injury for this reason? You need to see a doctor, all right, and not just any doctor but a good reliable orthopedic specialist who knows about sports medicine and the treatment of sports injuries. The ASMI is a good bet; get in touch with them and make an appointment to see someone there. AND GO SEE HIM! 8) :baseballpitcher:

Just as Zita said you should see a doctor but before that if you have a physical trainer there at your school, ask them if they could have a look and they can tell you whether you should see a professional. I had the same problem and they recommended me to a hospital. I never went but that’s because the problems eventually stopped with a little strength training including the arm band exercises.