Elbow discomfort


I am a college pitcher going into his sophomore year. I started having elbow pain last year in July. I went to pt all summer and shutdown throwing. I was told I was ready to pitch and started pitching in September for my college team. Still had terrible pain in my elbow so i shutdown and got a MRI. The MRI did not have any tears therefore they diagnosed it as tendonitis again. I strengthened my scapula,grip strength , and rotator cuff and took more time off. In January I started to throw again and still had pain therefore I redshirted and went back to strengthening my decelerators. It is now June and I have been throwing for 1 month and I’m starting to feel discomfort again in my elbow.
throughout all this I have had 2 more mir’s that both came back negative and have had numerous pitching coaches look at my mechanics. The pitching coaches all said that I have good mechanics and I clean arm path and use my lower half well. I throw 85-88. Does anybody have any suggestions for me at this point. Arp wave? Prp injection?, doctors think I should just rest again.


I would contact Dr. Glenn Fleisig at ASMI (American Sports Medicine Institute) (asmi.org) (205-918-2139 / GlennF@asmi.org) and ask him to recommend an orthopedic sports doctor in your area.


I agree that at this stage you really need to be dealing with an orthopedist who is experienced with baseball/throwing injuries.

Also, have any of the coaches who looked at your mechanics said anything about timing?


Building off the other answers about seeing an orthopedist…

Since you have fully recovered your muscles, and trained decelerators, and still feel pain, I think it’s time to take a solid look at your mechanics. Try to find other, experienced, coaches and see what they think. I follow the coach of a certain program, and he constantly gets college players like you who don’t have optimal lower body, and add a lot of stress on their arms - despite being told they have great mechanics by their coaches.


ARP wave is a hoax. Well, thats what it seems like to me anyway. Go see the best Ortho you can find near you and see what he has to say. Best of luck.