Elbow cracking/pain

Its been about a week since my senior ruth season ended and i havent played anything more then light catch in a week. Suddenly this weekend my elbow started to crack almost everytime i straightened out my arm. Along with the crack came a slight twinge of pain. This continuously happened for two days and now it seems like the cracks gone, but i still get slight pain when extending my elbow often. It seems like its starting to go away little by little, but i cant quite tell, its just odd and a little scary that this is happening especially now that my arm has been inactive for a little bit. Does anyone have tips on what to do or a similar situation with arm pain/elbow cracking anything like that? Its an odd situation and some input on it would be greatly appreciated.

shut it down and see what happens

if pain persists on extension, you need to see an orthopedic surgeon for an xray, bone scan and MRI. could be hairline ulnar fracture–many go undiagnosed