Elbow/Arm tendonitis compared to Shoudler?

Is it the same kind of pain in the shoulder? Ive already had it in my elbow and arm, and have been recently feeling the pain in my shoulder. i hate it. i even feel it right now. today, i was benching, and just had to dump because my shoulder gave out because it hurt so bad. it feels the same as the pain i had when i had elbow tendonitis, only in the shoulder.

And when i rub it, it starts to run down my bicep. uggggh.

definitely see a doctor right away, that dosent sound good.


Sorry. But im sooo mad. I went to practice hoping it wouldnt hurt today. but instead, it hurt all the way through my arm. from my forearm to my shoulder. To the point where i couldnt even stand it or lift my arm. im soo mad. I dont want to do physical therapy and ake a season off AGAIN!

[size=24]GO SEE A DOCTOR[/size][/i]