Elbow and throwing

My elbow had been bothering me recently and I did some research and figured it to be little league elbow (ironic since I’m sixteen though right?). It’s been around a month since I’ve thrown and I have had little to no discomfort on a daily basis like I had been having. I’m wondering if it would be ok to go to our first fall ball practice tomorrow and hit and throw, I won’t be pitching in fall ball though as a precaution.

I’m just wondering if light throwing would be ok and maybe some long toss to keep my arm in shape now that it isn’t bothering me so much. I’d like to long toss as deep into the year this year as possible to keep my arm strong going into the winter when I can’t throw. So I’m mostly wondering if you think I should be fine to throw or not?

I would refrain from throwing for 6 full weeks. When you start back I would go slow and short. My 10 yr old son is in his 4th week of no throwing with “liitle league” elbow. We are going the full 6 weeks per doctors orders. Also, no more fall ball from now on. He is going to get a 3-4 month break from now on. Take care of your arm!


This depends on how biologically old you are? Are you an advanced, equated or delayed maturer? The growth plates in the elbow solidify at biologically aged 16 with equated maturers. Where was the pain exactly? Was it at the outside, inside or back of your elbow? Did you diagnose what mechanic caused the problem or if it was a fitness related problem? It sounds like to me either way that you supinate a percentage of your pitches or all of them? You should pronate all of them even your curve for proper elbow health

This is a good sign, now to keep this same problem from happening again you must mitigate the mechanical and fitness problem that got you where you ended up.

Throwing from the field is a totally different mechanic where your arm arrives at the correct timing and is usually not maximal so go for it and make sure your elbow pops up at finish and you rotate 180 degrees with all throws and remember you have atrophied for a month and have lost all the fitness you had previously, take it slow and easy the first week and increase effort the next. You need to be on an interval training program that is “sport specific” that actually works out your forearms back and forth using pronation and supination to strengthen them, here is what I have my clients do.

Light throwing with progressive increases is OK. Long toss does not strengthen you! You can not cause hypertrophy with a 5 oz. object! Long toss is good for increasing your neural response mechanism when you are ready to compete maximally, it only makes you attain higher velocity, start that 6 weeks before competitions or do all of you ballistic underload training off a mound instead, it is much better to attain the ballistic portion of your daily work out from the mound, it’s just not as fun.

You need to go into training regression for 5 straight months, this means no competitions, show cases, camps or tryouts or games unless you do not stop the training to do so even on game day because you are to exhausted to do so. Rest = atrophy!!

in that vid^^ can you just use dumbells?? and what weight?