Elbow and Shoulder question

alright… this might be long, sorry about this…

so the season ended and right now my team is fighting in the play offs. we have a major problem. all our pitchers either got hurt, or they quit. so there are two pitchers left, my friend and I. These games run every day, theres no time for rest. Since the last game, my elbow has hurt a bit and in a way, feels weak. Not really sure how to describe it, but its like when i push or pull something, it feels achy. is there a way to get rid of the pain to be able to pitch? like tylenol or something?

and for the shoulder, i think i tore it last year. i could hardly throw. but every now and then it feels like someone jabbed a needle into my shoulder. its the front by the socket. usually hurts when i try to lift my arm. any idea what it is? went to a doctor but he said he couldnt see anything.

That’s weird I’d go see a specialist.

Did they do any scans or any sort?

x-rays. he said he couldnt find anything, and if i really wanted to look deep into it i should do an MRI.

Pain in the front of the shoulder requires an MRI, that is if you want to keep playing.

Good luck in the tourney.

I really suggest you go to the doctor and make sure they’re 100% positive that there is nothing wrong.

I have a little story to go along with this.

One of our best players, shortstop and pitcher was a natural athlete and his sophomore year was his first year playing baseball since 13 or so. He was a great player and was such a terrific short-stop. He was born in Mexico and his family moved here when he was younger. Of course like many Mexican style families his parents are really strict and his dad was a boxing training so they had a very strict attitude towards being a baby and complaining and such. This kid had a lot of pain in his arm and he couldn’t figure it out. He finally convinced his family to go to the doctor, something that he wouldn’t normally do with some pain but it was that great. They said nothing is wrong that they can see but maby give it a rest. He kept playing and it kept hurting. So he went back to the doctors again. Something you wouldn’t normally see in the kind of household he lives in. They said they see something so they sent him to a bigger hospital. Making a long story short it ended up to be Leukemia. He was lucky he went when his arm was hurting. He saved his life by going to the doctors. But now he’s in the hospital fighting for his life weighing 30 pounds less than he normally did. They found more and have to keep giving him treatments. If he wants to go home he has to give himself shots and put fluid into the tubes coming out of his heart. His life is hell now but he saved himself by going to the doctor. I don’t mean to scare you but things can get serious. You never know so you can never be too careful.