Elbow and shoulder mobility


I’ve heard that being extremely mobile in these areas causes a loss in strength. If so, where is the “sweet spot” to be in? What mobility exercises/stretches can I do to get to this spot?


Mobility doesn’t cause a loss in strength - it needs strength to stabilize the joints and help make them more immune to injury.


It is not uncommon for pitchers to have hyper mobility. Doing Blackburns my son can almost touch his wrists together behind his back. As he has grown, played more and added some strength this range of motion has decreased a little bit, that is a good thing in his case.
Roger is 100% correct…developing good stability is a key injury prevention thing for guys like this. Eric Cressey has some really good stuff about this on his site and or You Tube.


Are you supposed to have mobility in the elbow? Shouldn’t these be more of a stable joint? Correct me if I’m wrong.