Elbow and Bicep Hurting

I went to the doctor, because my elbow was hurting and he told me that it is nothing, but it still keeps on hurting, does anyone know why???

And for my biceps everytime i start throwing hard my biceps start hurting, i told my coach why it hurts and he told me that is getting more stronger, but i want to know if this is true


Thats probably your brachilis its deep in the bicep and i think its on the forearm too i had the same problem i just changed the way i pitched

ok if you have pain don’t throw.

Coaches are ASS HOLES and don’t no anything about how to save a kids arm. Its probley tendonitis so Ice down and Don’t throw for a while. Pain doesn’t mean anythings getting strongger only weaker.

how long should i wait???

because i have game this week coming up

Well don’t throw till that game ok if you get there and the same problem SHUT IT DOWN and don’t go hurtting your self ok.

Also…very important to know where EXACTLY you are having pain and when…during the pitching motion? Only after a certain number of pitches? Only at release? Etc. Describe the exact location. That would let us know whether it is a mechanical or conditioning issue.