Elastic energy, posture and breaking the kinetic chain?

When im throwing it seems like all that energy from the lower half goes right out the window. The problem seems to be in the core region my rotation seems to be eccentrically slow. I never realized that every time i move forward I curl up which i think leaves the muscles to loose and just thought of this but i think its breaking the kinetic chain because i cant stretch the core muscles tight enough to create elastic energy. So Im hoping to put this into practice when my legs better. Im pretty sure ive overlooked posture and worried about everything else if i travel forward staying tall not hunched over I think ill be able to achieve better elastic energy and maybe a little bit of velocity. lol

Just a theory any input would be great thanks

If you want to get down the mound faster, break your hands with more speed…not to be confused with breaking them earlier. Getting down the hill with a bent but not collapsed back leg will also allow for a more forceful leg drive. Those two simple things can help almost anyone generate more energy with the lower half. The upper half often compensates for lower half errors. If you have bad upper posture look to the lower half. Often pitchers who crunch or hunch collapse the back leg during leg lift and are almost vertical at the top of lift and generate no forward momentum.