El Dorado Broncos


 First off I've gotta say the website is great.  I'm a junior pitcher at St. Xavier University in Chicago (NAIA school).  I was recommended to the website by one of my former teammates here, Pete Pignatiello (he's at South Carolina Aiken now) who coincidentally is Carmen's younger brother.  I first read the article about Carmen and Jaime Moyer, and then basically the whole website. I'm heading out to play for the El Dorado Broncos this summer, if the draft doesn't work out.  I just got done playin for Twin City in the CICL, so I had a few questions to how the leagues compare.  Lastly, I just read one of your articles on the six inch stride relating to velocity.   I was wondering about this because of the whole overstriding rule also (I've always went for about 5 1/2 steps from the rubber).

I’ll tackle this part today.

I played for the El Dorado Broncos in El Dorado, KS in 2000 while negotiating a pro contract with the Oakland A’s. That June, I was drafted by the A’s in the 12th round, but ended up returning to school to get a degree first.
In 1998 and 1999, I played in the Central Illinois Collegiate League (CICL) for the Bluff City Bombers in Alton, IL. (They recently moved to Indiana.)

The Jayhawk League is great! A lot of fun, but not a lot of scouts. Actually, there were more scouts in the CICL than there.

However, at the end of the year, teams in the Jayhawk League play in the National Baseball Congress Championship in Witchita, KS. It’s a 72-hour round-the-clock tournament against some of the best collegiate summer league competition in the country. All of the leagues are represented but the Cape Cod League. Alaska League or Jayhawk League teams usually win the thing. There are a ton of scouts at the tourney. I mean a ton! Usually 25-40 on any given night because they can see the best-of-the-best from around the country at one spot.

That tournament made the Jayhawk League tops over the CICL for me. But… there are more guys in the Major Leagues from the CICL than the Jayhawk League from 1998-2000.

Roger Clemens did pitch for El Dorado way back, though.