Eggs for weight gain!?

I have heard that they are good for weight gain, but that they also are unhealthy for you because they have a lot of cholesterol…which is it??

both, came into the spotlight from the rocky movie. get a good protein shake and eat your normal meals adding 2 or 3 of these per day to gain. if you’re still having trouble, some body builders eat every 2 hours (set an alarm clock to wake up) when they are trying to gain at maximum levels. they are also training at enormous levels.

the yolk has cholesterol, egg whites are very healthy, but not sure about weight gain

I am skeptical of the belief that cholesterol from eggs causes any problems at all (and the studies that back that up are less than stellar), BUT there should be moderation taken in all food choices. Some people cannot process cholesterol well (diabetics, for instance) but most healthy people have no problem with it. More information is being released all the time, but the connection between eggs and heart disease is consistently getting weaker.

If you are talking about the most “bang for the buck” in terms of weight gain, you cant beat milk. In fact, powerlifting coaches like Rippetoe advise trainees to drink up to a gallon a day if they want to put on weight quickly.

ok well I have always had about 3-4 glasses of milk a day, but no weight gain. It probably has more to do with the fact that I was getting very few calories in my diet, probably around 2100 or 2200 calories. I haven’t figured out my current caloric intake per day, but I’m guessing it’s up over 3000. If I were to gain about 5 lbs of muscle in 6-8 weeks, how many calories should I be taking in? I weigh about 157lbs.

Depends on how much your body burns each day. Metabolism can vary greatly from person to person. Since you are young and naturally thin, I would guess that your metabolism is quite fast. In order to figure out a ballpark number, you need to figure out how many calories intake it takes to keep your weight stable (for me that would be around 2500 calories).

And from there you just need to make adjustments based on caloric surplus.
Calories taken in - Calories burned = caloric surplus (or defecit)

3500 calories = roughly 1 pound. So you would need to have a 500 cal surplus each day to gain a pound a week, and so on.

^That is the simplified version. It gets tricky when you get into how macronutrient ratios can affect metabolism (ex. eating more calories, but most being protein can lead to fat weight loss, or that eating fewer calories for extended periods can lead to slowing of metabolism). It is confusing, so I wont try to explain it here. If you are really interested, John Berardi has some great books on nutrition for sports performance. It might not be a bad investment.

Forgot to mention that you can check out some of Berardi’s articles on his site.

wow! what a great site! I’ll be spending a lot of time there over the next few days. Seems to me I’m gonna need around 3750 to 4250 calories a day, based on the calculator on that site. Thanks a lot!