is it true when you pitch you should hold the ball as if you would hold an egg

Not to be overly humous dtrain, I hold my eggs with a fork… :smiley:
It’s just someones way of explaining how they think a person should grip a ball. I don’t relate, maybe you don’t relate, but maybe saying it that way may spark someones imagination to the point that they finally “get it” as to how to grip a ball…in an egg race I hear you hold it with a spoon… :stuck_out_tongue: I gotta a million of em…

i mean when you pitch should you hold it as loose you would as an egg !!!

I kniow what you meant…Read what I said. How do you hold it? Do you think you do it correctly? Is it comfortable and do you feel like you have enough grip?
The reason, I suspect that this statement is made, is because you lose control if you hold the ball too tightly. Try it. Grip the ball and try to throw it with a tight grip, chances are good that you’ll throw it right into the ground.
I was kidding around because you can ask 1000 people how they hold an egg and get about 1000 different answers.

If you try to hold it as you would an egg, being very loosely in your fingers and not all the way back, then you must have a very good handle on the ball with plenty of control. It should get the ball away from your hand faster, but with that you’ll need to still be able to hold it well enough to have good control.

I have really small hands, when I grip a 4 seam fastball, it almost always touches my palm. Can I do anything about it? :?

Well the ball doesn’t necessarily need to be gripped so loosely. Infact, there are some pitches that are required of you to hold them tight to the back of your palm. You can either hold it tight to have more control or you can put your index and middle finger over the parts of the seams that make the pitch what it is. If you can’t put your two fingers over the four seams on a Four Seamed Fastball, then rotate the ball until your fingers are able to reach over four seams on one side, being either one of the horse shoe stitches.