Effects of back activation on velocity

Once my weight training gym class ended, my teacher sent me to his friend that’s a PT.

He found that all my decelators in the upper body were dormant, and the accelerators were slowing down my arm when they should not be. For years I’ve trained internal and external rotation (at the instruction of another PT who never bothered to check ->) feeling it in my arm (between the biceps and triceps) only to lead how poor this was. I am currently working to get these muscles to work again, and I’m slowly making progress.

My question is - will this effect Velo?

My hypotheis is a short term loss because newly activated, weak muscles will be used to slow down my arm, erasing the muscle memory of the accelerate also decelerating it. Or will it go up because my body will now trust these - with the idea that your body won’t accelerate what it can’t decelerate. Or will the ball speed stay the same?

How does an accelerator function as a decelerator?

^^^ This.

Not quite sure. Upon examination the PT said how the accelerators were doing both of the jobs and that it needed to be fixed. My assumption is that they do a crap job.

Actually the lat muscle contributes to acceleration because it helps with IR of the upper arm.

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True. However, The lats are the muscles I was referencing.