Effectiveness of velocity

Hi everyone, I’m 14, about to be a Freshman next year. After a bit of coaching on my pitching and a baseball clinic working out my arm everyday, I went from pitching low 60s to low 70s. My question is, can I get by in High school with a low 70s fastball, a sinker and changeup with good control and consistency?

For freshman, low 70’s should be plenty fast, personally i would try to start working with an easy curve, ask your dad or trainer before you start to throw it because you dont want to do any damage to your arm if your throwing it improperly. GL with your freshman season.

i agree you should start learning a curve before freshman ball starts, even if you don’t throw it that often. going into a tryout and saying you don’t throw a curve can sometimes leave a negative impression on the coach (depending on the coach though).

Don’t risk injury for sucsess now. The change-up can be just as good if not better because the hitter thinks it’s a fastball and swings through it or hitts on there front foot.

So throw only a few a game as a show the batter pitch like I do.