Effective velocity


One of the best introductions to effective velocity I have seen.


Slew - Good piece… If you were to break down effective velocity into 3-5 bullet points to explain, what would they be?


1.As you move the ball up and in to a batter, the ball appears to pick up velocity. As Bett Strom told my son, which pitch will look faster to a batter? a fastball low and away at 100 MPH or an 80 MPH pitch 3 inches from his eyes.
2.Major league hitters identify the pitch thrown based on which “tunnel” it is in at 40 feet from the plate. The comments at the end attributed to Maddox shows that he understood this concept. The Darvish gif shows this.
3.Major league batters have trouble squaring up pitches that the Effective Velocity is greater than 6 MPH difference. Not stated in the article is this effect dissipates if there is a gap greater than 15 seconds between pitches. This favors the pitcher is he works fast. The Yankees and Red Sox seem to try to negate this effect by stepping out of the box after each pitch.


Warning: the question at the end of this post is meant to be controversial and thought provoking. Don’t shoot the messenger. I’m only saying what other people are thinking.

Another SBNation article on effective velocity:

Greg Maddux seems to always get held up as an example of someone successful who employed an EV type pitching system. I wonder if he gets a cut?

I am assuming if I understand the system properly that Mariano Rivera didn’t give much thought to effective velocity. Seems like he threw a cutter - and that’s about it. Walter Johnson - a fastball period. In fact, if I had to really admit it…Johnson was really the greatest right handed pitcher ever. I just never got to meet him.

And, that major league hitters also read about effective velocity, remember who believes in it and tries to employ it and then make adjustments thus reducing it’s inherent effectiveness.

And that the concept of effective velocity is not new or that groundbreaking. In fact, the understanding has just been defined in different terms (more analytical - statistical) than anecdotal as before.

And that some are attempting to make money on the distribution of the so called “proprietary” information that can’t be revealed in it’s entirety until one has ponied up some US dollars. Problem is the seller is trying to market it to thirty of the shrewdest businessmen in the country. Not having luck with that…sell it to the old standby…the gullible middle class.

Is the goal to create “filthy” pitchers or is it to make somebody “filthy” rich?
Just askin.



I think it’s to both. Create filthy pitchers and money.

I live in upper Pennsylvania and have had the opportunity to work and hang out with Perry. He’s a great guy that will talk baseball (and drink good scotch) all night long. I’ve learned a lot from the guy. I don’t think anyone has made it as easy to understand as he has. The visuals are great and he works with a lot of other guys that on this. I think Wolforth and Jaegar if I’m not mistaken.

I’ve always enjoyed his stuff, both hitting is a guess and filthy pitching. I guess it’s just a matter of taking a little bit from everybody and filtering out what helps you the most.

My son, who’s going into college did great with Tuff Cuff last year. He was also using EV strategies. The years before that he did TAP. Now on Thursday we go out and see Lantz Wheeler.

That’s 4 guys I pay pretty good attention too and have thought that they all have been worth listening too.