does anybody know what an ‘eephus’ is?

Basically its a pitch in which you lob the ball over the plate. A search engine like yahoo or google can find some amazing stuff. For more information you can check this out…

Its a slow man softball pitch but over hand that is the best description i have ever heard.

its seriously the most unhittable pitch but only once in a game the next time you’ll throw it it’s gonna be a 50/50 kind of deal the batter will either miss it by a foot or crush the hell out of it like you never got crushed. some people tend to throw it a little not enough loopy. the higher it goes the harder it is to time.

its seriously the most unhittable pitch

Tell that to Bill Lee! He threw one (first time) to Tony Perez in the World Series…Perez crushed it.

It is unhittable if it is thrown in the right situation, just like any other pitch though, just like if you throw a change up after 8 fastballs, the batter is gonna be way off balance.

there is a lot of things to consider in this particular pitch to tony perez

first of all it wasn’t the first time but the third time lee threw him a 2 strike eephus pitch. secondly if you ever saw bill lee throw a baseball it was more then obvious that he was going to lob it out to you and you could tell it as soon as his left hand got out of the glove. he was trying to get you out with the arc and the speed more then the surprise he fell in love with the pitch and paid the price.