Hey guys, I haven’t been on here in a long time but I have a random question. I just randomly stumbled on a YouTube video about the eephus pitch, showing major leaguers throwing it. What I don’t get is how does it have a massive arc yet the radar still shows like 60-65mph? Yet apparently there throwing with a fastball grip.

Not to be a smartass but it has an arc because 60 mph baseballs won’t go 60’ 6" on a line. If you back the mound up to 60’ 6" in a 10u or 11u game every pitch would have a big arc.

Because the mlb radar guns are b.s. I was convinced of this when I saw Joel Zumaya give an intentional walk at 87 mph. similar g

It’s showed a massive arc like a lob ball pitch and it said 64mph. I’ll try to find the video. I can’t remember what pitcher it was.

A majority of eephus pitches are curveballs, which may account for the big arc you describe. When thrown with a 4 seam grip you can really see the arm slow down and the release is more like lobbing the ball.