Eephus pitch

my best 3rdstrike pitch almost unhittable

my advice::: learn it

But the thing is, its prity easy to run on. As soon as you see the arc you start runing

i onlythrow it when no one is on base

Ok, then I would develope an off speed pitch that you can throw with runners on

I don’t think you should throw it. It’s hard to throw for a strike

You throw that at tryouts or in one of the first scrimmages in high school, you wont make it.

and eventually BAM a homerun

the super pitch gorugo is better (think of it as eephus on roids)

oh yea he’s awesome

I use a forkball as my change-up at times when I pitch. Its hard to control and takes practice but you can really take off some speed with it. Just choke it a lot and when you release it just floats out. I throw it like a fastball same arm speed the only way to pick it up is the odd spin but if you pick it up then it’s usually too late.

what the heck is an epheus pitch :?: :!:

The eephus pitch.
It has also been called the blooper, the folly floater, the “LaLob”, to name just three. It’s a slow, high arcing curve ball that has been known to attain a height of 20 feet before descending. Rip Sewell was forced to come up with that one as the result of an injury, and he had good success with it—except for the time Ted Williams swung at that pitch and blasted it out of the ballpark and across the street into somebody’s dining room. It’s thrown straight overhand, which is the only way you can get the height required, and as has been noted, it’s very easy to hit if you time it right. In recent years Orlando (“El Duque”) Hernandez had a good degree of success with that pitch.
It’s funny how the pitch got that name, when you consider that the originator of that term was none other than Lefty Gomez, and he used it differently—he meant put a little something extra on the ball. :slight_smile: