Eek … squeak … eek … squeak

A very good friend of mine has a son who just bought used delivery van and was in the process of converting it into a camper. The kid was doing really great – couch, sink, counter tops, the works.

When it came time to insulate it, he went to Home Depot and got these
panels of Styrofoam to do the job. I stopped by one evening just to visit his father, poked my head into his dad’s garage and was really impressed with the project. All the walls and the ceiling of the van was covered with Styrofoam panels, then covered with paneling.

Shortly after the visit I met the kids mother in the grocery store, then asked how the kid’s van was coming along.

“I’d rather not talk about…” she said.

Come to find out, the Styrofoam rubbed up against the metal walls of the van so bad…… “” eek … squeak … eek … squeak …” inside the van and dove the kid nuts. Didn’t do much for his love life either trying to date the girl down the street.

The suggested to the youngster that he should get a bumper sticker that says … “I DO WHAT THE VOICES IN MY VAN TELL ME TO DO”. The kid hasn’t talked to me since. :nosleep:

Coach B.