Edward 14Y Pitching Analysis

Hey there! My name is Edward Maximo Huang. I am a 14 year old, about to enter high school after summer, looking to join the baseball team as a pitcher. I currently have two pitches: a fastball that hovers around 65 mph, and a curveball thrown in the high-40s and low-50s. When pitching, I utilize a slide step occasionally that does not result in lower velocity, but, I am unsure as to how stressful it could be on my arm (haven’t experienced soreness, just looking for safety reassurance). Any criticism of my mechanics along with any other recommendations of drills to improve would be highly appreciated! I have attached two videos below, which include my regular motion along with my slide step.



Ok here’s what I see, you look like a guy who learned to pitch mostly on flat ground, you overcompensate with other parts of your body to simulate a mound.

look at justin verlander about to usethe downhill effect of the mound by leadind his stride with his left butt cheek to the catcher instead of a straighter approach like yours. MOMENTUM. Also, notice how his shoulders stay parallel with the ground as he don’t need to seing them around to create velocity. This helps A LOT with overall control

Now here’s the main difference, by creating early momentum toward home plate, Verlander gets in a very balanced "driving’´position at this moment( notice how he creates his stride lengths by SPLITTING his legs while you cheat a little bit and open up stride more like a step instead of a split. That makes you open up early and you lose a bunch of Velocity. ( notice how much trouble you’re giving yourself with your shoulders at this point compared to verlander.)

Finally, right before release, your front foot collapses as it should be much straighter at the knee and your chest should be more errected also. (So basically, your issues are core muscles and leg muscles. Strengthening them and start working with them would make you a much better pitcher.) [URL=https://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=369925IMG0432.png][/URL] [URL=https://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=404241IMG0436.png][/URL]

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I agree with 4pie, you definitely try to simulate the feeling of a mound which I don’t think is a bad thing but you will have to adjust it in high school when you start throwing from a mound. To answer your question about the slide step: the slide step should not add any kind of extra arm stress whatsoever. A slide step is really only used to either upset the timing of the hitter and/or runner, or give your catcher a better chance to catch the runner when you think he will steal.