Edmonton Junior AAA World Championships

I went to a few games this weekend. Last night Canada won a thriller against Chinese Taipei, Brett Lawrie with a walkoff triple, his third of the game, the benches cleared at one point, it was pretty intense. Today I watched them play Cuba. 16 year LHP throwing around 85/86, almost pitched a complete game against Cuba today, end up costing the team the game(arguably) though. Cuban pitcher was a lefty throging high 80’s with a devestating curveball and he pitched the complete game. Canada lost 4-3.

number 12 from canada, huge first baseman was TERRIBLE overall, couldnt hit worth a damn till the bottom of 9 he ripped one to right field that the right fielder made a dandy play. The outfielders from Cuba were amazing, awesome arms.

Brett Lawrie is unbelievably, never seen anyone that good before, just so in-control and confident.

two cubans defected during suppertime there first night in canada i geuss. hahaha