Edinson Volquez's change up 2

what is the pitch
i say its a screwball thrown with a changeup grip
he’ll say change

What a dumb question

if you’ve seen him pitch
its more of a screwball used as a change
whose else breaks like that

not the first time lol

the pitch is the same speed as a screwball
same break
dont i have a valid argument

Show Proof. I’m not going to look up proof for something that could be stupid.

A real screwball is a reverse curveball. Most changeups are more like splitters and slow sinkers.


go there
and look at the clip on the left
couldnt upload it sorry

i see screwball

it seems like he throws it with a sort of 2 seam change grip which gives it that movement but the change up effect

Pedro Martinez had same mouvement when with montreal expos even with red sox. It’s called pronation or turning the ball over. You get a tailling action but if you ever saw a REAL screwball and i mean someone like Fernando Valenzuela not one of your friends that came up to you saying hey watch my screwball!!! You wouldn’t mix both pitches. A real screwball is almost like a Ted Lilly curveball that would break the other way. Anyway i chose the option does it really matters?

yea it doesnt matter
he gets batters out

then why ask? :lol:

noobody agrees with me
so forget it

i dont see where i was wrong

Come down, I wasn’t disagreeing with you. You said “It doesn’t matter he gets batters out” so i responded “Why ask” I believe this is called a joke. Its something thats becoming extinct along with a sense of humor. :lol: . See another joke. LAUGH NOW!!! :lol: OMG ANOTHER JOKE. I’m on fire :onfire:

ha ha ha ha

i was just saying
hey everybody has a different outlook on things so