Edinson Volquez change up

by far Volquez is the best pitcher in the league now
he is exactly like pedro martinez
they have he same pitches with the same movement
his change up is devastating
it has a nasty screwball break
mixed with a high velocity change-up (92-97)
he is virtually unhittable

heres the grip 4 his change very nasty

yeah that dudes bad ass

I’m happy I picked him up early in fantasy baseball 8)

Yeah i was pist cuz i knew about cueto before anybody in my league but cuz of damn waivers i didnt get him and i heard about volquez so i picked him up before his first start and now i seem like a guru haha and i got hamilton with my last pick in that draft. haha

i was showing his change up grip

it dips in to a right handed batter
it breaks about 7 inches in

exactly like pedro martinez’s changeup

he is the first pitcher to 100 k’s this year

That grip is the correct circle change grip actually, most people form a circle with the thumb and index but really, just the index should make the circe, so the thumb can still sit on the bottom to help with control.

Also throws a curve and a slider which are very under rated, Ian.

see ian he throws a sharp curve
and he is the league leader in strikeouits
so does tim lincecum who is second in strikeouts

I know this is kind of old, but do him and Pedro pronate before they release it? because thats what i heard ur supposed to do.