Eating Right

I am a pitcher and I wanted to know if I could have some advice on eating right or having a healthy diet to keep in shape during the offseason. I already workout and lift, but what are some helpful tips to eating right and staying healthy? Thanks…

Of all the meals that are important to you at this age - breakfast is the one. it starts a lot of things in motion that compliment everything that your trying to accomplish.

Grain, fruit and dairy should be at the top of your list during this time, which will allow you to sustain a reasonable nourishment table just prior to lunch. Lunch at school may be a challenge - I’ve seen some of the school lunch programs and in my neck of the woods they’re nothing to write home about. But then again, that’s a topic I’m sure some one else can cover better than I.

With respect to breakfast, you’ve got to have an appetite that’s ready for breakfast. Sleep that rests your mind and body, in reasonable amounts every day, does it. Not only that, but you can actually train your appetite to spur the craving of good foods - not junk foods. Appetite is your body’s way of saying it needs something. That need can be as simple as water when your thirsty, to something salty - like a cracker, or chips. In any event, once you’ve balanced your diet off on healthy food groups, it’s not all that hard to stay that way. For example - instead of Coke or some other soda - grab glass of milk, juice, vegetable drink, etc. Instead of a bag of chips, have a celery with cream cheese, dish of cottage cheese, peanut butter on bread or crackers, etc.

The short and the long of it - training your appetite to want good things is just as deliberate as training your body to perform well with proper form and posture.

Coach B.

Coach B.

I second the importance of breakfast!

But what’s your overall goal? Gain lean muscle? Lose weight? Then, you adjust your diet accordingly. If you want to gain weight, you eat 500 more calories a day. To lose weight, you need to either burn 500 more calories in your workout, or shed 500 calories from your diet. etc, etc…