Eat, drink after a game?

I read you should get high intakes of Vitamin C after throwing, anything else?

Carbs and a little fat and protein will probably do more for you than Vitamin C following a game. Most of the nutritionists that I’ve worked with suggest a 4:1:1 carb to protein to fat ratio in the post-game meal. In lay terms, that’s a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

You need to take in simple carbs i.e. white bread, fruit, etc. These simple carbs digest quickly spiking your insulin allowing your body to use a great deal of the protein and aminos to rebuild your muscle that was broken down. The spike in insulin also helps your body recover faster by giving you a much needed energy boost.

Also of note, the nutritionists I’ve spoken with and research I’ve done has recommended that you get the carbs into your body within a half hour to an hour after you’ve finished your workout/competiton. This is to replenish the glycogen reserves and the timing has to do with the fact that your body is kind of like a sponge looking to absorb nutrients during this time period.

Oatmeal, pasta, rice, yogurt, and bread are all good postgame selections.

Protein is good as well, but don’t go overboard immediately after a workout/game; too much protein too soon can interfere with rehydration. A few hours afterward, though, go ahead and have a big steak, eggs, milk, etc.

Oh and of course make sure you drink plenty of water, and get some potassium (banana, potato) into your body postgame, especially after a hot day.

Thanks for breaking it down.