Easy bullpen clips

thank you to anyone who has anything to criticize about my mechanics

Looks like a nice smooth delivery. How hard you throwing? and age weight and all that?

im tranferring to NCAA D2 school New Mexico Highlands ill be 21 in january im a small little lefty 5’10’’ 170 pounds. fastball has slowly been gaining velocity im anywhere from 82-85 hitting 87 change up is my best pitch

I think you could stand to start the hips forward sooner. Right now, you don’t start forward until well after the peak of your knee lift. And that translates into not getting out over the front leg and not releasing out in front of your front foot. If you’re a small guy, creating more energy and getting the release point closer to home plate are important.

This adjustment will take some getting use to. Also, your new college coaches might teach staying back and might undo this adjustment. Try to find out what your new coaches teach before undertaking this.

i feel like this keeps my weight back because i tend to being to fall instead of drive when i try and get my hips started early any suggestions? i’ve actually made an adjustment and am getting over my front foot quite a bit more ill have to post some new video and see what you guys think

seems like your trying to overemphasize your upper body drive forward after landing. try rotating your torso as fast as you can while driving your upper body forward. driving your upper body forward doesn’t give you extra velocity, just reduce stress on the shoulder after the finish. the velocity comes from the rotation and timing of the rotation of the torso.