Easton synergy

ok so i bought a easton synergy plus off of ebay and i was wondering what are your guys thoughts on this bat if any at all…thanks for the help



Exo > All other bats

seriously though i asked about help of the bat i got not the exo i want the exo but i cant afford it so any1 have help on the Synergy?

My teammate from high school has one. I’ve never been much of a fan of Stealths; when I used it for a few hits it seemed “barrel heavy”, and when the ball made contact with the barrel, it sounded quite dead compared to my Nike. But after contact the ball flew off fine - the bat certainly wasn’t dead, it just sounded dead. This is from my own personal experience, so…


Exo > All other bats[/quote]
clearly is you want to make stupid assumptions ill jump in here with one.
CF3>exo>all other bats

thanks 4 some of the help people any1 wanna chat??

clearly is you want to make stupid assumptions ill jump in here with one.
CF3>exo>all other bats[/quote]
i agree

Exo > Cf3 < Omaha > Stealth > Synergy > Hammer, Typhoon ect. < Nike Bats < Exo

instead of fighting, lets just say the cf3 and the exo are equals.

Nah let’s just agree to disagree. I will always believe Exo=greatest.

ok, but my question is have u used a cf3 yet?


Exo > All other bats[/quote]

Or you could just not be a little girl and workout until your strong enough so your cute little expensive exo could give a dam compared to your gigantic muscles that are going to actually hit your homeruns.

Meh I don’t worry about homeruns, I just hit the ball. Never have hit one out in my life all though I had an inside the parker when I was like 12 and nobody knew how to play outfield.

So whats the need for the EXO?

it makes him think hes gonna hit the long ball.

at least i dont need a big exspensive bat to hit homeruns and hit it far

:wink: <----pustulio isnt hitting any homers with that bum eyeball right now.

Its not the bat its the person swinging it

Bower, I just like the feel of the Exo, that’s the purpose of it. Different bats have a different feel.

You are right the person swinging the bat is what matters most, but seriously some bats are better, depending on what type of swing you have. Personally I like the one-piece bats and the Exo has given me more contact than any other ones. After I used the Exo I realized how much I really don’t like two-piece bats. I really don’t have anything against other bats or people who use other bats. I just prefer the Exo personally.

im in agreement with pustulio. different bats have a different feel. personally i like stiff handle 2 piece bats. i absolutely hate feeling a bat flex on contact, its makes me feel like im gonna bend the bat in half. cf3 has a stiffer handle which allows for a little flex but not alot, and the barrel is composite so it feels more like a wood bat to me.