Easiest position to get to the Major Leagues?

What position gets you to the Major Leagues the quickest?
Is there one position that moves players up faster?

I’d like to know what everybody’s opinion on this is.
I’ve read somewhere that catching is the quickest way to get to the
Major Leagues, because catching is hard and not many people want to become catchers.
Maybe getting to the Major Leagues the quickest isn’t determined by the need of your specific positions. Maybe it depends more on the player’s ability, his chances to “make good”.
What do you think?

I think the person who works the hardest, has a great attitude and respects the game is the quickest to get there.

More specifically: Left-handed pitcher that can throw 92+

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I’ll take an owner’s spot … thank you. :hi:

Coach B.

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Black limos with tinted windows,

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A major partner of a franchise I was with, never gave up on us when every one else turned their heads and washed their hands of us. We ended a particular season with so many loses that it was really hard to look anyone in the eye - including each other.

Nevertheless, this guy said we deserved a day of our own for the effort all season. His company was going to supply a fleet of long BLACK LIMOS, and give a ride down main street in the fashion that we deserved.

“LONG BLACK LIMOS!!!” Now that’s more like it … just like the Big Leagues!!!

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This owner had a chain of funeral homes. So, in light our season, he supplied eight LONG BLACK LIMO hearsts, to follow the flower car. And yes, we did drive right down the heart of town…

Well, I took a few months before my lovely bride would talk to me again, one guy almost had an engagment ring returned, and even now I’m the butt of a few jokes here and there. :dozey:

Coach B

But now you always have the stories, might be grounds for a divorce one day but don’t think about that.