Earned Runs


Have a question on earned runs I have never seen before. In the top of 6th inning, with no outs, starting pitcher gives up two singles, runners on 1st and 2nd. Pitching change is made. Substitute pitcher entices dp to ss, ss flips to 2nb for out of second batsman that reached on starting pitcher, 2nb throwing error to first allows initial runner on 2nd, advancing to third on the batted ball, scores after pass ball at first. Runner who hit ball on sub pitcher advances to 2nd on error by 2nb. Next batter singles, scoring runner from 2nd (sub pitcher responsibility?). Starting pitcher is given 2 earned runs, even though one run is from error off sub pitcher. Coaches explained it was not assumed DP ball, thus both runs charged to starting pitcher. Have never seen such an official score. Btw, this was from a AAA minor league game.