Early vs. Late grower?

I was wondering which do you all think is an advantage–Growing really early (ex 6’1" by 8th grade) or Growing really late (ex 5’8" in 10th grade 6’1" by age 19). If you grow early you get used to your adult-sized body and you are usually better (until everyone else grows), for no reason other than size. On the other hand if you are really small you are forced to do the little things right and get the proper mechanics down, just to hang with the bigger kids. Then when you grow all the sudden you are way stronger and bigger than you used to be. Which would you rather be? Which is the most advantegous (sp?) for baseball hitting? Pitching?

There’s no right answer but growing early tends to be an advantage just because of the advantages gained as far as playing time and the tendency to get opportunities to play against stronger competition based on the advantages of growing early.

I was talking to another parent last night and about 9 months ago I had told a 14yo kid who was 5’11"+ and the winning pitcher in the LLWS US championship at 12yo (he was listed at 5’10" then) that one our players who was only a couple months younger than him and well under 5’0" would end up taller than him by the time they graduated from HS. He was a bit annoyed that I’d say something like that, but since then the kid’s older brother who was the same height has grown to 6’1" as a HS senior and the LLWS kid hasn’t grown much at all.

My kid who was 7" shorter than the LLWS kid at 12yo is about the same height as him now and my son’s growth plates are wide open. Unfortunately, mine’s injured (grew too fast) so there’s no way to compare fastball velocities. I do think the LLWS kid who weighs about 170 and is throwing in the low 80s would still throw faster, but the difference would be reduced from the 10 mph difference that was there at 12yo. In this case the advantages the LLWS kid got from growing early plus a lot of talent are going to serve him well and it is probably better for him that he grew early.

We’ve got a 15yo who was a freshman this past season who was about 5’10" and weighed about 195. He’s still 5’10". He’s never been much of an athlete but his size and work ethic helped him start over more talented 14yo freshman. He’s still a favorite of the coaches but already during summer ball it was obvious that the 14yo past freshmen were catching and passing him in height and that with both talent and size they were going to pass this kid up no matter how hard he works. The kid will probably continue to get playing time as a coach’s favorite (and suck up dad) as a sophmore but by the time they are juniors the talented ones are probably going to leave him in the dust.

In this case it was still an advantage for this kid to grow early and start school a bit later than some. If he hadn’t grown early he wouldn’t have gotten any playing time against the more talented players and probably would have been cut as a freshman.

clearly the early you grow the better your gonna be in your age class

growing early will have your muslces murture quicker therefore you thorw harder

but thorwing harder younger is usualy thorwing incorrecly

possibly long term problems

but on my team 15yr no one is 6 foot even

tallest maybe 5`10

kids 5`7 is thorwing 70 so idk what to tell ya

I don’t know if I’d rather grow sooner or later, but personally I would have to say I grew sooner. I was always average or slightly above average in height. I was about 5’6’’ at 13, I know not huge, but I had above average velocity. I’m now 16 and 5’8’’ and only have average velocity. It’s just important to remember to work hard no matter how tall you are. If you’re big at 12 or 13 you may get by throwing hard, but as you get older and other kids grow and are the same size as you are then they will throw as hard as you.