Early trunk rotation


I’m currently having the issue of my truck going early and leaving me arm behind, to the point where my arm points to second base and my trunk to home plate. It’s bothering the front of my shoulder, and making me miss up and to the right,(so the typical side effects of arm drag). Any idea how I can stop this?


Assuming “trunk” means “shoulders”, early shoulder rotation can be caused by posture issues, failure to reach a good “equal & opposite” with the glove arm, or other glove issues (dropping, pulling or flying open). Assess your mechanics for any of these issues and fix them.


We do a drill with players that are opening too fast.

Stand in a “stacked” position. This means legs spread like you just planted with arms out at shoulder height, glove or elbow pointing a target and ball pointing away from target with a nature arm bend from both front and back (equal/oppo). (allow both arms to bend at elbow as feels natural - some players are a little more straight and other are near 90 degree bend in the elbow with glove and ball out in front of body)

While facing 90 degrees from your target (assume right hand throwing - face third base while doing this in a throw to home plate) you will rotate your core (point you belly button at the target) and at the same time rotate your shoulder to bring the ball up and above your head without any more arm bend. On the front side “pull” your glove into your armpit/chest. Easily throw the ball. The idea is to teach your body to feel all the rotational parts in the throw.

As you get more comfortable with action, go from this position to hands together and start of stride. Then go into full wind up as that get more comfy and accurate.


It’s been my experience that pulling the glove back usually results in early shoulder rotation.


So you leave your glove out in front of you while pitching?


Yes. I have pictures I show pitchers of guys like Ryan, Maddux, Prior, Wagner, etc. with space between their chest and glove as they go into release. If I can find these pictures online, I’ll post links to them (when I get a chance).

Stabilize your glove at a spot out front somewhere above your front foot and bring your chest to your glove.


This usually means you are out of your natural rhythm and tempo ( the speed in which you wind up)… play around with your tempo during your wind up, start at a slow wind up tempo then moderately speed up your wind up tempo until you feel your arm drag dissipate … stay glove-side to your target throughout your stride until foot-strike THEN tuck your glove to the glove-side armpit . Also, you could be separating your hands TOO early, wait until your hips shift at least 6" inches toward your target coming out of your knee lift then separate your hands.


I will try this, thanks!


My suggestion is to focus on your glove side and make sure your bot pulling. Whether that means tucking it into your shoulder or leaving it out, if its not pulling that really helps. Also focus on having your shoulders in a straight line or counter rotated towards home plate as long as possible