Early Start to the offseason

hey guys whats up. Right now i am currently into the season and we are doing really well we are 5-0. And i have completed 2 whole games with an era of about 2.8. I also have 11innings of work and 17strikeouts.

I was wondering though if its okay if i start doing some stuff that i would be doing later in the offseason. Meaning is it okay if i start doing leg strengthening maybe 2 times a week. And doing medicine ball work about 3 times a week. These medicine ball workout would include overhead through. Chest passes, lumberjacks, and alot of other twisting movements. The leg strengthening would only be calf raises, and walking lunges. Thats about all i do for leg strengthening. Don’t know any other exercises. And i don’t like doing squats.

Is it okay to do these kind of things. Because right now we play 1 more game tomorrow then we get 2 weeks off. So ya. By me doing this for 2 weeks do you think i could get maybe 2 mph on my fastball. i know its asking for a lot. But do you think its possiible and do you think i should do it.

I’d say it depends on your overall level of conditioning leading into the season. The most important thing right now is that you continue to perform well on the mound. Thjat’s why we work out in the first place, of course. But adding 1 upper body and 1 lower body, plus a dedicated running program and shoulder conditioning program is totally fine. If you feel like you can add more and it doesn’t adversely affect your pitching, go from there. MLB pitchers tend to workout 2-3 times a week in season. But it varies depending on the pitcher’s role on the team, etc. Good luck!

ya okay thanks steven. Hey does the upper and lower body workouts. Can they be heavy weights for strength or do i have to do lighter weights for conditioning during the season. Because i do care about hwo i perform on the mound. But i am more concern with how i will do next year. Because next year is my senior year and i want to get looked at. So i will do everything to gain some more mph.

Is 80mph good though for my age 16turning 17 in june. But ya i am a sophomore. How hard were you throwing when you were a sophmore steven.

Also what velocity should i try to hit during my senior year. Also i know control is as important as well. Would 83mph be good or should i try to hit about 85-87mph.

I was around 78-83 as a soph. You can go heavy – it’s all about finding that balance between adding strength and pitching well throughout the summer.