Early spring training

Happy New Year All. Its been awhile.

Looking for ideas to start early spring training with a group of pitchers for the coming season. Kids are 13-14 years old. Drills, workouts, etc…

Any ideas are appreciated.

i would recommend to start long tossing about 3 times a week if possible. that way you can build a good base of arm strength and endurance for the season. i would say about two times a week throw some light short bullpens just focusing on mechanics and commanding the fastball. its still early so be smart with their arms but at the same time try and fatigue them so that they can build arm strength. after every throwing session make sure they do some running whether it be sprints or long distance. i would recomend some mix of both. i don’t know if they’ve started weight training but if so i would recommend really working the legs with squats and lunges. if they haven’t started weight trainng i’d recommend doing a lot of body weight lunges and squats. it’s very important to have a good base. it will help save you a lot of arm troubles down the line. anyways, i know this is kinda vague but i figured i’d give you an outline and you could devise a program that fits the kids because obviously i don’t know them personally.