Dynamic warm up

hey guys hows it going. I have a question about dynamic warm ups.

First of all their is a college camp that i might be attending their are going to be about a dozen or 2 different colleges going and i read in the brochure that they are going to get us to do dynamic warm ups.

I don’t know what dynamic warmups are. Can someone please tell me what they are and also can someone please give me a good stretching program that i can do. i usually don’t take enough time and if anyone knows any good sites that have good stretching exercises please post.

Dynamic warmups are based on doing things that involve movement. The idea is to increase the body’s temperature. The old routine of standing around or laying on the ground and just stretching didn’t do much to warm you up.

The routine I use with my pitchers also incorporates some strength and flexibility work at the same time. For example, I use waking lunges forward and backward with arms up in a goal post position and using a twist of the shoulders to the left and right per each lunge. This warms you up, works on strength in the quads and the core muscles used to maintain balance, and works on flexibility in the front hip flexors and the core. Another example is arm circles in 3 hand positions (fastball, curve, change) forwards and backwarrds in small and big circles.

My last two years of college baseball we did dynamic warm-ups everyday. Roger covered it well.

I always thought of it as warming up athletically. What I mean is instead of all of the pitchers running a couple of poles, and then sitting on their butts in the outfield tugging at their muscles, it makes more sense to do activities (lunges, plyos, etc…) that are actually going to make you a better athlete.