Dylan Mistretta LHP


Checking in on some mechanic work. Starting to really feel some separation, and velocity going up. If you see anything I should work on or critique I appreciate it as always.


Look at only your throwing arm during your delivery. A couple of things that seem apparent on video are a lack of forearm layback or limited external rotation. Your arm seems to come forward maintaining an L shape. Your elbow needs to come forward before your pitching hand. This is something I work on using a weighted ball–even a 12 oz ball works good for this. (Don’t throw it, of course) I hold the ball up in the high cocked position and rotate my shoulders leaving the ball stationary for as long as I can, then I rotate back to high cocked and repeat several times.

The elbow will come around with the shoulder and the ball will stay behind. The forearm will layback and you will feel your external rotation. I work on that feeling and it adds whip to my forearm.

You also seem to get to cocked position very late. You are rotating forward and the ball has not gotten above your shoulder height yet.


is there a name for that drill so I can look it up?


I agree.
Until the elbow leads you will “pushing” the ball and have limited lay back.


I think there are a couple of different ways to do it.
Pivot Pickoff throws with weighted ploy balls have gotten good results for us. It promotes a couple of different things…layback and elbow lead being a couple of them.


I can see how the pick off drills would help with external rotation. It’s essentially the same movements I’m looking for in my weighted ball drill. I also sometimes use a 2 pound dumb bell and let it hang back between my index and middle finger and let the weight hang back and see how close to horizontal I can get my forearm to lay back. I keep my elbow at or above shoulder height while doing this.


Ah now I see it, my arm drops back in a L. Instead I need to keep it straight and get the glove extended first. Thanks for the advice fellas gonna work on it this afternoon.