Dylan delso bullpen 12/07

I would not do this.

  1. It’s not what Greg Maddux does.
  2. His velocity is where it needs to be.
  3. It can lead to knee and hip problems.

Below is Greg Maddux throwing at 19. There are a lot of similarities between him and your son (notice that the front side stiffens but the knee doesn’t lock), and I would not mess with him as a result.

If you are trying to get him to stride a little more open, try having his glove during E&O be further open. In other words, keep the shoulder/torso positioning the same but have the glove arm a little more open. I like to think of the tip of my glove pointing to the target.

It is difficult to stride more open without also changing something with the upper body to balance the body so maybe if he can focus on something other than striding but will result in a more open stride (such as the glove arm), the delivery will be more comfortable. The legs are large and fickle things :?

(I didn’t watch the video since I can’t right now but I will tomorrow. If this doesn’t seem like it would help, disregard it.)

first of all he looks good, maybe just rushing a little bit, but if hes comfortable at a faster tempo than i dont think its something to try to “fix” every pitcher is different, im very impressed for a 15 yr old to have such consistent mechanics especially when they might not be the simplest or basic mechanics

2nd of all, where do you people live lol that beautiful facilities are empty like that, that was 1 nice place to practice and work out my school gym is a piece off doo doo compared to that

he likes the fast tempo. we tried stiffening the front knee and it didn’t work for him. he’s going to stay where he is and concentrate on building strength to preserve his arm and possibly gain velocity.

that is our high school indoor facility. we are blessed beyond belief to have a 6 cage full turf facility with a weight training area. it’s very nice.

lol can i ask where this is becuase when i have a kid hes going to that high school

broken arrow high school, broken arrow, oklahoma a suburb of tulsa.

we love kids that can throw it so bring your guy when he gets here.