Dylan Buzbee Sidearm Video Analysis


This is only my second time throwing a flat ground side arm. Converting from over the top so it may look pretty messy. Any advice would help!!





From your set position, you bend forward and drop down like you’re going to throw submarine. Then you pop back up a little and throw sidearm. I’m thinking you can eliminate a lot of unnecessary head movement. No need to drop down to throw sidearm - just keep your head and spine upright. This may help with control like you asked about in your other thread.


You have to stride WAY further. I don’t see an issue with the tilt, but you will have a hard time generating much velocity or movement with that weak stride. He sets himself up for a lot of momentum with a big leg kick then completely dissipates it by just setting his front foot down. To me it looks like a guy still uncomfortable with sidearm, as the movement to the plate is tentative and very upright. Look at the landing foot, it lands heel-to-toe. That food should be way further towards the plate and landing flat - not heel or toe first. EXPLODE to the plate just like any other pitcher. Keep that front hip closed moving towards the plate then aggressively open those hips and drive your sternum right at the catchers mitt.

Also, the arm cock is in a weird position. His elbow almost rotates behind him towards the catcher before “uncoiling” to start the throw. To me, this looks like an unhealthy movement. I think the more standard “W” shape at that point is the healthier look.

I had a successful career in college throwing from a similar arm angle in college. I will private message you a few pictures of myself for comparison.


A lot of unnecessary body contortions just to get to sidearm. The throwing arm is all over the place before it starts to come forward. It looks very uncomfortable. I really can’t advise about sidearm deliveries. I would suggest that you keep your elbow on plane with your shoulders and not below.

I used to throw a side armed slider about 3-4 times a game just to freeze a hitter in key situations where I didn’t want him swinging with two strikes. It was very effective because it was a totally different slot and angle and the ball was cutting directly across the plate. Lefties would give up on it because their eyes would tell them it was too far outside and righties would think it was going to hit them and they would bail out or rock back. Having a pitch in my arsenal doesn’t make me an expert on it–unfortunately.



You don’t see a relationship between the unnecessary up/down movement and the short stride? The time you spend moving up and down is time you don’t spend moving forward.


If I see a huge back leg collapse then yes I totally agree. That is wasted motion downward instead of outward and was something I always had to battle when I was throwing sidearm. But I’ve always though the very nature of sidearm was to hinge at the waist to get down to “sidearm position.” Dylan here definitely bends over too far though, and when combined with this short stride his head can’t do anything but pop right back up where it came from.

As a reference point, watch Brad Ziegler’s mechanics here. Really quiet head and no wasted movement. Nice long stride

Brad Ziegler mechanics


UPDATED VIDEO!!! Any advice is great!!!






My initial thought is - impressive improvement! Everything looks more explosive and fluid already. Do you feel like the resulting pitches have improved? Either describe what you are seeing or give us an angle behind the catcher or behind you so we can see the ball path. That’s the ultimate indicator for me.


Here guys this is from today. Better view. Should my arms lot be lower to be more effective? Please guys any tips are greatly appreciated @Steven_Ellis @sidewinder34 @Zita_Carno @CoachPaul

Or anyone else who has an opinion on this would be great


I’m not going to pretend to understand the arm mechanics of sidearm throwing, except to say that it looks like it hurts.
Aside from that, it does appear that you are not getting forward on your stride and that you break your hands really early. In most pitchers that means lack of power and slower arm delivery. I’m also thinking that you will need some additional shoulder tilt to the throwing arm side to keep your shoulders and elbow on the same plane as your body rotates toward the target. It seems that your elbow is on a lower plane than your shoulders. In general, that is bad.

As far as how any of that translates to sidearm crossfire…dunno.

I’ve been of the opinion that striding closed helps with deception but limits velocity.


Really good call on the elbow position. Looking at this a few more times, you really aren’t committing to sidearm. It looks more like “slightly bent over short armed 3/4.” Not trying to be mean, but I agree it doesn’t look like a sustainable angle health-wise.

Here is me in college. Notice how lined up my arm and shoulder is and how extended my arm is at release. I never had an ounce of arm troubles. Also, don’t get too obsessed with throwing way across your body. Get comfortable with the arm angle first, then add deception.


yeah thanks for the advice guys^^ Im trying to get more comfortable with dropping a little lower about to the waist. Thanks