Dylan Bertram Video Analysis 15yrs old

I will let other comment on your work, but that catcher throws like an old man!


The catcher threw his arm out in the 1st practice of the spring. It just snapped, feeling like my arm was a slingshot being shot with no ammo. A simple throw in from the outfield at the end of practice. That’s what happens when coach doesn’t warm up with the team. Hard lesson learned! Practice what you preach!!

not sure what thread your using you have two up now but here it is again.

i’m no expert but just a few things that maybe others can agree with.

I think it would be a good idea for you to work from the stretch more and practice leading with that front hip and getting down the mound quicker. you stall a little at the top of your leg kick and lose momentum.

also I think your hand break/separation is way too early causing you to begin cocking your arm before your even half way down the mound.

work on getting more consistent with your rear leg extension ( ankle, knee, hip pushing off bringing your hips around) just before front foot strike. some time you did it well other time the rear leg collapsed.

over all your motion looked very smooth and repeatable

steven ellis 13 steps to a powerful youth pitching mechanics

here’s a link where Steven Ellis discusses the front hip lead, rear leg extension and hand separation. goes in more detail why these things are important

Thank you very much for taking the time to watch and analyze Dylan’s video and for providing us with your feedback, it is very much appreciated!

In taking a closer look at his back leg collapsing last night, I noticed that occasionally his landing foot, although it was inline with home plate at footstrike it seem to be pointing slightly to the left and his knee would give way causing him to fall off to the left. Do you think this could be a result of his back leg collapsing? It doesn’t happen all the time and I don’t think it’s a strength issue. The reason I ask this question is that I don’t want to try and fix something that will fix itself when we address the back leg collapsing.

I do not no if there’s any correlation between the two. Hopefully some one else with more knowledge can help you there. That is a good catch with the front foot though. It does need to be closed slightly, if you read step 6 in the link I posted you’ll see why.