Dumbell/bodyweight workout for 14 year old


I am fourteen years old and throw a 68 mph fastball. i want to improve my strength and mph. i have some various dumbells. could someone tell me a dumbell and bodyweight program that would be suitable for me? can anyone tell me what to do. i have the book, “complete conditioning for baseball”, but it only shows you how to perform the exercises, not like a workout chart. i need a workout i can do 3-4 times per week that is safe and effective. i have browsed the site, but havent really found anything. thankyou, and any information would be helpful.


Do you have access to a weightroom, at school possibly?


I worked with my son which is basically your age with his workout. The thing is, to maximize your strength for sports you will need more than dumbells. However there are several exercises you can perform with what you have.

Go to http://www.exrx.net/ and view their exercises. This site will show you what exercises to do for each specific muscle. Also has a video and instructions of the proper way to perform the lift. I think doing things correct is going to be important for you.

Make sure besides upper body (checks, bicepts, shoulders and etc) do core and legs. Many forget about legs but you will want to strengthen them as well.

Another piece of advise, low weights high reps! Do not try to do what body builders do with heave weights. Lower the weight and try to do 2 sets of 12-15 reps. We usually stick with 12 reps. When you transition to a little more weight you can go 10 reps but try to lift where you can go with 12 reps. This will tone and strengthen your muscles without building great bulk and get in the way of your playing baseball.

Last thing to think about, your weight. Depending on if you want to gain or lose weight. Read the nutrition articles on this site. You will need to also learn the proper nutrition when workingout to gain the results you are looking for.