Dumbell Bench Press

Hey guys how is it going.

I have a question to ask you guys.

I was dumbell bench pressing on saturday right and my arm felt great. I have never dumbelled bench pressed before though but my arm was still good. Anyways on Sunday my brother elbowed me in my pitched arm. Now do you guys think that my pitchign arm is sore from dumbell bench pressing or from getting elbowed in the arm.

My arm is really sore and i was unable to play our game this Monday. My arm is still very sore. What do you guys think the result of my sore arm. Dumbell bench pressin gor getting elbowed in my arm.

Question 2: what are some remedies that i can do to get rid of the pain. I already know hot and cold packs. Is thier anything else.

I’d be surprised if the dumbbell bench is the actual cause of your arm soreness. It’s been my experience that too much dumbbell pressing leads to bicep soreness, particularly if the exercise is not balanced with 2x tricep exercises. But not elbow.

could it be that i slept on my pitching arm in an akward position or something like that. Because honestly my armnever hurt and i just woke up and i could barely move it. i think that it is getting better though so thats a good sign i guess.

What are some things i can put on it to make it feel better?

hey steven can u explain what you mean about the 2x tricep?
for what you do on biceps you double the amount of workouts for your triceps?