Dumbbell vs tubing

Thoughts on Dumbell vs tubing/ bands for shoulder strength and conditioning. Do you think one is better than the other and or do you feel they can be used together maybe something like Dumbbells twice a week and bands once or twice a week??

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yeah I had the same question

Both certainly work and there is no harm in mixing them up.
The thing to remember when working the shoulders for throwers is these exercises…the throwers 10 for example with a 5 lbs weight or J-band exercises…are coming from rehab programs. Using light dumbbells to make sure the small muscles are targeted is key…with bands making sure the exercises are done correctly so that the small muscles are targeted, this is key.
Another thing I like to mix in isometric holds as an exercise particularly day after throwing.
All in all I prefer the bands. The biggest reason is they are easy to transport in a bag and offer some more versatility. While working your arm routine if you feel the need to stretch the back you do that stretches using the band.
Either will work, no harm in mixing it up.

Makes sense to me, the only thing is sometimes it’s hard to find placed to hook hour bands to but yes I agree their definitely easier to transport. I was thinking of ordering j bands that’s why I posed the question. Thanks for your insight.

Yeah, J-bands are great.
Good point…I have been out places and not had a place to hook them up, doesn’t happen too much. I know my sons team have a “pitchers bag” where the team keeps a foam roller, a set of bands and a couple of 5 lb weights.
Now that I think about it, the older he gets the more stuff we end up hauling around haha.
So it goes I guess. Wouldn’t hurt to carry both around. My son keeps an extra J-band in his car at all times in case as a back up.

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