Dry Throwing Mechanics

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Things that I notice:

-It’s tough to see how much momentum your getting with your hips from that angle. It looks like your trying to point with the hips, which is good, but I’m not sure how much sideways momentum your actually getting. The reason I say this is because I see very minimal drag out of your back foot. It flips over fine, but there’s maybe an inch or two at the most of drag. That’s telling me that your not generating a whole lot of hip momentum before the so called “balance point”. But again I can’t see the view from the side.

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Tough to tell since they’re only dry throws, but I’d rather see you firm up the front side a bit as you’re arm is accelerating.

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i do not see any major problems with your motion. like hammer said you may not be aggressive enough with your post foot after the hips go to the plate. start there and keep everything else the same for awhile. you should feel all your weight load into the ball of your post (back) foot when you reach balance point. that is your signal to get the hips going toward the plate and get ready to push when you fall toward the plate. we’ll talk about whether or not you need a balance point later. for now keep it simple. i think you are throwing in socks and you always need to throw in shoes because if you are agressive with the back foot, it should cause your back toe to drag in a straight line toward the plate if you are doing it correctly.

get a piece of tape (that won’t hurt mom’s floor!) and put it on the floor and see how far you stride. put a mark on it as far as your height. try to stride as far as your height if you are not already. i think when you get agressive with the back foot, it will lengthen your stride which is a good thing (and there is increased mph when you do this). if your allow your front shoulder to tilt up toward the cieling when you get the hips going forward, it is easier to get a longer stride. tilting the shoulders keeps the weight back longer and raises the front stride foot naturally.

i see nothing wrong with the lower arm slot (Pedro throws from there, take a look on the ideo clips. he’s not real big and throws pretty good). if that feels natural you can throw from there. that arm slot is good for a sinker which is what you may end up throwing.

how much more space do you have in that room? could you put an atec pitching target and frame in front of you without altering your motion. if you can, you can work on mechanics all you want throwing into it. right there. if there is a door in front of you, you can place the target on the other side of the door to throw into it. all you need is a bucket of 25 to 50 good baseballs and you are set. it will build arm strength.

then a program to stretch and strengthen your shoulder and core and you are set. you will get as good as you will be.

in the words of branch rickey who invented the minor leagues “don’t think- hit. full mind- empty bat” (he was talking to a hitter). i would tell you the same thing - don’t think, pitch. do your thinking before then just let it fly. from your posts it looks like you tend to anaylize things too much and change way too much. get with what you’re doing, stick with it, and just do it. post a video clip from time to time for a critique, and if someone your think knows what they are doing tells you something, try it. but DON’T take everything you see on here and try to do it. some of it it not good or talking about something other than what you need to work on.

let your arm pain be your primary coach. if it doesn’t hurt in the joints, you’re ok. if you’re not getting stiff in the muscles, you’re not working hard enough. if it takes you too long to work out the soreness, you are working too hard. this is called listening to your arm. it’s the most important skill you can learn. no one can do this for you.

keep working, it looks good. try being more athletic with your back foot, get some tilt, and lengthen the stride. then do another clip.

good job


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Just compare your front leg with videos of say Nolan Ryan from this site. His leg lands soft but then firms up (doesnt lock out). Yours kidna stays soft.

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[quote=“RIstar”]Now I have done a new video
Things I have to warn you about are:

Nothing in hand so arm slot and angle are weird.
Nothing to aim at so my angle drops down to sidearm/really low 3/4

My arm slot and rotation change on a mound

Now Tell me what you like don’t like and what I need to improve on I have a open mind right now.

Just take in consideration the circumstances in the video.[/quote]

Just a question, and yes I hacked out much of your original post, but WHY would you film yourself doing something incorrectly as mentioned by you, and then ask for things to improve on?

If you change so much as you claim when you get on a mound and have a ball and something to ‘aim’ at, what is the purpose of looking at film that isn’t what you truly do, you’re going to wind up teaching yourself bad habits.

Just wondering that’s all…

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You totally missed my point, if you’re changing so much like you claim, you aren’t working on your actual mech’s you’re working on altered mech’s which will in turn teach yourself new mech’s with bad habits remember it only takes a week to learn a bad habit.

Back to the original post… I agree with what Hammer says.

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[quote=“RIstar”]Things I have to warn you about are:

Nothing in hand so arm slot and angle are weird.
Nothing to aim at so my angle drops down to sidearm/really low 3/4[/quote]
Sorry bud, but I’m having a hard time taking this seriously with so many variables. Timing elements are naturally way off.

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It actually looked like you had more momentum in the first video with an empty hand.

Also, your arm action with the towel looked very similiar to the one with an empty hand. In essence your hand is coming almost completely sideways through release, and post release. Some might disagree with me, but I’d rather have you come down on the baseball through release. Even guys in the big leagues that come from a lower arm slot still drive the baseball down, and pull down on the seams.

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I’m with Hammer on the arm action. You are getting virtually no whip and your elbow is very low. Is that intentional because of Chris O’Leary’s theory? I also question the value of any of this with respect to working on mechanics. This is not even close to what you’ll be faced with on a mound, game effort and distance. Now I’m talking mechanics here. Also, I’ve never been a fan of the towel drill but I do believe that it is supposed to be done with a target to hit with the towel.

Again, I think most of what you’re doing is a waste of time when it comes to honing the mechanical skill of pitching. Far too many differences from the real thing to be of value.

The only benefit I can see out of such practice could be regarding conditioning and that would be better if you had something to throw against with a ball. The challenge would be gauging effort. Using a towel to provide some sort of air resistance, thus reducing stress on the arm, seems counter productive to conditioning. There may be some value but it would be minimal, IMO.

Sorry bud. I see very little value in any of this.