Dropping to Low 3/4

Recently, I noticed when my dad took pictures of me, you can see me dropping to a low 3/4 slot. I’ve been somewhat successful, with my main issue being the number of people I walk (I walk a guy and inning). At the same time, I k a guy EVERY inning. So do I go back to over the top high 3/4 or do I remain where I am at.

Also, a small concern. Usually before when I pitched, my shoulder would be sore the day after pitching, and I would run and get the soreness out. Now, the soreness is on my inner elbow, just a couple days after I pitch, and it goes away before I relieve next. My question is, how many of you experience elbow soreness (Not pain). Usually the soreness happens when I extend my arm fully, and once again it isn’t painful.

Also, how do you feel about pitchers who tilt their shoulders slightly when pitching?

Don’t waste your time with low 3/4 it’s a dead end career unless you can throw 95 from there. Drop to submarine, I’ve got a couple friends who did it and before they did they had zero looks from schools, and they’ll be playing pro ball in a few weeks. Just bend at the waist. Elbow soreness should disappear because gravity is helping your arm to slow down, if not don’t worry too much it’s probably where your hand is pointing when your in the power position or your cupping. Remember 75 sub is heat

Why not have him throw sidearm and see how he does with it? If he’s been dropping to a low 3/4 delivery the next step would be the regular sidearm, and it’s a lot easier on the arm and shoulder. And if he decides to stick with the sidearm motion there’s a move that he can pick up and work with—the crossfire, a beautiful and lethal move that works only with that delivery and that will work with any pitch—and give him twice as many pitches as he has now. So go ahead, give it a shot and see what develops. 8)

I agree with Zita. Try it out! If you already are at a low 3/4, it isn’t that bad of a transition at all! see how it feels. I love it