Dropping the elbow

Hey guys. Starting this topic in regards to dropping the elbow going into external rotation. This has always been a problem for me and after a season to forget, I want to do a complete overhaul on myself.

At landing my elbow is above my shoulder (inverted w or whatever we call it now) but once I start torso rotation and going into external rotation my elbow drops to below my shoulder and stays there through rotation.

I have probably done this since I started playing but it never really caught up to me since I came back from labrum repair surgery. Not being a mechanic expert I have no idea what causes this and how to fix it. My best guess is its caused by me not staying on top of the ball and can be fixed by doing so.

Anybody have any input?

Really nobody?

It’s normal for the elbow to drop a little as the arm externally rotates. So this isn’t necessarily a problem. Can you post video so we can see exactly what you’re referring to?

I’m not sure “not staying on top of the ball” is an issue.