Drop in velocity

I’m 17 years old and I’m playing in a very competitive summer league. I’ve done the showcases and I’ve gotten some good looks by colleges who seem to be interested. As of late, I’ve been feeling like my velocity is not what it has been in the recent weeks. I’m not injured and I don’t feel any soarness. I was wondering if anybody had any ideas out there about what could be wrong and what I should do. Thanks.

Sometimes it can be just cause your tired from so much baseball.

A few days or even a week off can do wonders.

maybe you’re trying to throw too hard , alot of tjhe times when someone is tryin gto over throw it actually comes out slower

Do you feel like you reach back and you just dont have it. Ive had a doctor tell me it could be some sort of tendonitis. You dont have any pain whatsoever but it feels like you reach back for you 2-2 fastball and instead all you have is a 3-0 fastball. I agree with Centerfield, a few days off maybe even a week or two could really help.

I think i’m gonna take all of your advice and take a week or so off and see what that does. Thanks for reading my post.

On Steven Ellis’ online book he said that he lost 90 thousand dollars or so because he lost his velocity from a year to another.

He lost something like 5mph or so and couldn’t find out what was the problem. Then he said that he saw a pitching coach who had been with him for a looong time and they found what the problem was.

His stride was some inches short. Maybe this is also your “flaw”. Ask your coach if he can notice anything wrong with your stride.

I’m going to take that into consideration next time i see my pitching coach. Hopefully your right because i feel like i’ve lost 5mph or so. Thanx

building on what Kreg said, if you have been pitching tired or worn out, you may have unitentionally adjusted something like your stride to compensate.