Drop and drive

so i decided i would try the drop and drive like roy oswalt and my experience was this, the ball seemed to come to the plate at more of a line drive with hardly any arc at all and i had better control as of with staying tall i’ve been all over the place, and i did have greater velocity than when i stayed tall, may keep on trying this

If your ‘drive’ gets you into foot strike quicker, then this could account for your improved control. The reason is that getting into foot strike quicker means you have less time to do things that make your release point inconsistent - like opening up the shoulders too early.

The draw back to drop and drive pitching is exactly what you said. “The ball gets to the plate on more of a line drive with less arc”. The straighter the pitch is the easier it is to hit.

Just to clarify, I was just providing a possible explanation for the improved control. I wasn’t giving my endorsement of the drop and drive. Personally, I don’t like a lot of up-and-down movement on the way towards the target - especially with the head.

i personally do not like the drop and drive, just a more direct approach should be used.