Driving the lead leg into footplant?

I have been wondering what the general proper technique for this is. Right now, From my leg lift I extend the leg straight toward the plate. But I see a lot of guys kind of swing their leg to 3rd if they are right handed or 1st if a lefty before coming to the plate in a sweeping motion. Should I be doing the same? Thanks for any help guys.

whateverworks for you andkeeps you healthy

its nothing to be concerned about… its just a result of when you start your hips and how far they start forward

if it helps any hideki okajima and CC sabathia do what you are describing

i would stick to what you’re used to. I cant see any benefit from swinging the leg though. When you stride directly towards the plate there is no wasted momentum and its much easier to control your body. But if you can replicate the same leg swing every pitch, i dont see it being a problem. Just my 2 cents.

What i have learned is to slide your leg sideways. This will allow you to keep your upper body closed even after your legs have opened up. Once those hips have opened up then you are free to unleash the fury that is your core then your shoulders follow.