Does anybody have any good pitching drills to inprove a pitchers break on his junk if so it would be great if u replied

also does anybody know any drills to improve velocity

Thanks in advance for replying

for the curve. I just hold my curve grip and try to snap my fingers and spin the ball as much as possible. You can do this standing or sitting just try to snap it as high as possible.

Velocity…Practice breaking with your elbows and then lifting them. I believe circling up puts more stress on your arm and is not as fast. You could also do a catchers pop up drill and try to release as fast as possible

we do alot of short flat ground work from various distances from various points of the delivery working backwards.

To work on your curve in a campe I went to we took empyty pop can’s clean em out and grab the can like you would your curve at the mouth of the can and then throw them against a wall or in a net or something this will show the rotation your giving on your curve and will improve the movement of your curve ball. I don’t recommend anybody blow a sophmore in high school to start throwing a curve. It is to hard on your arm no matter what anybody tells you. Your muscles are not fully developed. But that is the best way I know of to practice your curve and most important ICE YOUR ARM EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU THROW!!!